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Listen to me. He’s a young lad. He’s had a fucking bad week. So we bring him in with us to show him a bloody good time and you’ve just friggin back handed him round head. I’m disappointed, mate!

@Vicky_McClure Arh Lol & Woody even made it into #Grazia this week! #blessem! x

@Vicky_McClure Where it all began @daniwatson_trev @ChanelTIE86 #ThisIsEngland x

This is England '88

"Well, The shoot is in the history books and we have set sail on the edit. Jeez we shot some footage in those four weeks. There’s almost enough for 3 hours judging by the way the first hour of edited material has panned out. I’m going to talk to C4 about getting some more shoot/edit time etc in the hope that it can morph into a 3 parter split over 3 consecutive nights. If that doesn’t come off, we will have a killer 2hr spesh, but quite how I’ll get it all in to that is beyond me at the minute."

— Shane Meadows on the new chapter of TIE

This Is England: 1983 - 1986