I just can’t hold them - a chuck bass feels post

Let me just start by reminding you who we are dealing with.

Chuck Bass.

A boy who - since the very moment he was born - had everything, and only wanted the one thing he didn’t: his father’s love.

A boy who was constantly told he was the reason his mother had died, and the reason his father was a broken man.

A boy who then lost his father - and thought himself to be the cause. (His blaming Lily was denial at its finest, and if you don’t think it was you really need to watch the episode again.)

That same boy who seemed like he’d never wanted to grow up had at that point three years to set his life straight, and become a man. And that he did.

He then went through enough shit to put six feet under any other person on earth. He dealt with it, mostly by himself. (Nate, I do love you, but you’re literally as helpful as a stuffed teddy bear.)

But, since clearly that wasn’t enough, he then had to get his ass up from his expensive leather sofa and try to find out who his mother was.

And then who his father was.

And still, the moment he sees the one who’s been his father for eighteen and some years, the first words out of his mouth are not father, oh my god (good grief, Bart…), or where the fuck were you when I almost killed myself thrice. Nope.

He says, dad.


Chuck Bass, saying “dad” after three never ending years in a context that is not “who’s your daddy”.

Chuck Bass, who is now his own man, falling down (literally, he’s fucking holding himself up by leaning on the door) like a house of cards the moment he sees his dad.

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